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About us and After-sales service policy & Terms

We are Pansh Kite Inc., a Chinese private enterprise with Thirty five years of history and experience. PANSH is the Registered Trademark.

Our website is an online selling Internet site created in 2006. Through this website we sell PANSH kites all over the world. You can purchase PANSH kites and accessories from our website no matter which country you are in.

The design, production, and sale of PANSH kites as well as services provided for our customers and clients are all done independently by us. We do not only provide you with high quality kite products, but also maintain our manufacturing cost at the lowest level in the world. That means that on for the same amount of money you can get better performance and higher quality kites and accessories than anywhere else. Our customers can choose from a number of payment methods. We use the fastest delivery system in the world.

PANSH products have a new revolutionary design, constantly perfected by us, and a new, innovatory mode of production. This has not only improved the performance and quality of the products, but also had a positive effect on the manufacturing cost. Because of the revolutionary design, innovatory mode of production, new ways of selling, and improvements in customer service, we reduced the price to an astonishing value. We are trying to perfect ideas already existing in this field. PANSH kites and accessories can compete with other brand products whose prices are up to three times higher. With time, there will be more advantages regarding PANSH products and services. This is the world that we have created for you.

People from the founder of the company to every staff member of PANSH all love this burgeoning sport. We all have common interest in kites, so we know our clients’ needs fairly well. We also possess authentic designs and a copyright. In addition, we have the best assembly line and creativity output as well as 35 years of experience in production.

We want to assure you that we provide our clients with excellent products. Moreover, we set up and maintain the most competent and fastest service system from the design of the products to the after market services. From all of the above you can see that if you do love this sport, PANSH is one of your best choices. Do not hesitate any more. We are expecting and welcoming you to join PANSH! If you enjoy the sport, you will enjoy the value of PANSH.

Disclaimers: We will always put the perfect product as primacy, So we will study and improve the product constantly, So some products will be different because of the different purchasing time.And the product will also be possibly different from the picture or publicizing. Pansh has the right to upgrade our owne products, Pansh has right to do this with informing anybody.

Before purchasing, please read the following Return Policy and Terms & Conditions

Disclaimers: We will always put the perfect product as primacy, So we will study and improve the product constantly, So some products will be different because of the different purchasing time.And the product will also be possibly different from the picture or publicizing. Pansh has the right to upgrade our owne products, Pansh has right to do this with informing anybody.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal and all major credit cards through PayPal.

We have more than 15 years of online sales experience, If you have any questions, please contact us by email. We have customer representatives responsible for handling emails.

We appreciate positive feedbacks from you. If for some reasons, there is any issue with your order, please contact us prior to leaving feedback and we will be glad to work with you to have it resolved.

Please ask all questions before placing your order. Once you place your order you are obligated to pay for it. By purchasing from us you agree with our Warranty, Payment Methods, Shipping & Handling Fees, Return Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Shipping and Customs Tax
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We ship FAST, usually same day of receiving your order (on weekdays).If you complete your order after hours your order will be shipped the next business day. Please pay attention to the existence of international time difference. Please note that Saturday, Sunday and major holidays are not business days.
Major holidays include New Year's Day, Spring Festival holiday, Chinese National Day holiday, Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Dragon Boat Festival holiday and Qingming Festival holiday.

Your order will be professionally packed in boxes or plastic bags to ensure your items arrives quickly and safely. All our packages are shipped with EMS. International shipping takes 8 to 20 business days. If your shipping address is in some less developed countries or remote areas, then the shipping may need more transportation time. Fedex, DHL or UPS provides faster transportation but it needs additional shipping fees. International shipping by these companies takes 5 to 10 business days.
About transportation, We currently choose two express delivery modes, which are selected by users.
1, EMS international express,
This is EMS international express delivery of China Post. For most countries, it usually takes about 10 to 25 days for the parcel to arrive. After the package arrives in your country, it is transported and delivered by your country's post office, which provides door-to-door delivery service. Because this is the express delivery of the postal system, the advantage is that it is not easy to generate customs tax, and the disadvantage is that it is slower than FedEx express delivery, Please note that for some "remote" countries or places, it may take more than 35 days for the parcel to reach you. If you need an economical and reliable mail, please choose this delivery method. After delivery, you can find the tracking number in the order from your PANSH account. You can track it on or online by yourself.
2, FedEx,
This is the fastest way of transportation at present. It usually takes only about 5 to 10 days to reach western European countries and North America. Most countries can arrive within 12 days. FedEx is a perfect way of transportation, very safe and reliable, the only disadvantage is that the probability of tariff is slightly higher than that of EMS of China Post. After delivery, you can use tracking number to track the package on FedEx website. If you need high quality and fast delivery, please choose this delivery method.

PANSH is implementing precise production now. The shipping time for orders varies from 24hours to 20days after the payment goes through. We do not accept urgent orders. Please reserve enough time for receiving your order.

In addition, since June 2022, we have stopped the service of emailing tracking number to users. You can find the tracking number in your PANSH account. If the status of your order displays“paid”, it only means that we have received your payment and your order is in production now. If the order status becomes“shipped”,then it means your order has been shipped out. You can check your account for the tracking number.
Please contact us by email providing the Order number and your user ID and a description of the problem. Our customer representatives will answer your emails with your order information as well as the tracking number.

Please verify your address during checkout. We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses.
Please pay special attention that we need the full address information of the consignee to ship the order out, including the telephone and zip code.
If the address we receive in the order is not complete, we will email you to ask for a whole address before shipping. We will not be responsible for the delay caused by this. 
About Customs Tax, We will try our best to avoid the occurrence of Customs tax when we deliver the goods. So seldom there will be Customs tax occurs. If unfortunately you encounter the Customs tax, please contact us by email.
Please provide  the Order number, your user name and customs tax documents. We will refund you the customs tax according to these documents,Starting from October 8, 2018, we will only refund customs duties for EMS, not VAT (or import VAT) or charges related to any  If you choose FedEx mode of transportation, we will not bear the customs duty. Please pay attention that we mean the Customs tax only, not including the other expenses, For example, VAT, if any.

Customs policies vary from country to country. It is rare to be taxed by the Customs in most countries. The probability is only about 1% to 3%. Only about 1 to 3 per 100 users will encounter customs duties. That is to say,  the probability of encountering customs duties is only 1% to 3% for users from most countries when they buy from PANSH. It's REALLY lucky.
However, there are also several countries which are very likely to receive customs duties. These countries includes Lithuania, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. When we use DHL or FedEx express delivery in these five counties, almost all the packages will be subjected to customs duties. And their customs fees are very exaggerated! So for users in these five countries, we are sorry that we refuse to send the goods out unless they agree to pay customs duties by themselves. But since we switched to EMS recently,  we haven't got feedbacks from users in these five countries about customs duties! This information serves as a reference for users in these 5 countries.
According to our experience, customs fees are usually accompanied with VAT (or import VAT) at the same time in some counties. Usually VAT is between 17% and 21% of the commodity price. VAT varies from country to country. In some countries, they won't charge VAT.

Contact Us
Feel free to email info(AT)
Regarding questions on the setting up of the kite or flying, you can google for suggestions. Usually for questions on how to fly this kite, our suggestion for the customers is to search on the internet for relating information to learn.

If you find there is defect with the product you receive, please report the problem within 7 business days via e-mail and PANSH Kite will issue a "Return for Replacement" authorization. You will be responsible for cost of shipping freight back to us and we will pay return shipping back to you.
All expenses must be approved by PANSH Kite or we will not reimburse you for the return charges.

All of our items are sold with a warranty unless specifically noted in the item.

The warranty provides you with seven days to inspect the item to see that it performs as described. If you encounter a problem during the inspection period, please contact us by email providing the Order number and your user ID and a description of the problem. One of our customer support representatives will reply to your email and attempt to solve the problem. If necessary, the customer support representative will issue a return authorization, if a return is required.

Usually you will receive our email reply within 48 hours. If there is a holiday in China, it will be postponed. In the event that a return is required, we will test and diagnose the item. If we find the item is defective, we will attempt to repair or replace the item.

Customized products do not provide return or refund services, only provide replacement or repair services.

Statement: This is our latest Policy and Terms & Conditions on service. Since our website has been used for more than 15 years, there may be some outdated old files or old links. If there is any conflict between other descriptions on our website and this latest Policy and Terms & Conditions, the policies and terms on this webpage shall prevail! If you find some expired files or descriptions, please let us know and we will clean them up immediately. In a word, this is our latest service policy and terms, all of which are subject to this service policy and terms. In addition, other similar descriptions and explanations are invalid.