Kestrel EL version (50% off!)

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Kestrel EL version (50% off!)

Model No: 23V14b
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 0.000 kg
Features: This is Kestrel Extreme Light version. Registered members will enjoy a 50% off discount.
KITE: 8.0m EL [+US$1060.00]
10.0m EL [+US$1180.00]
12.0m EL [+US$1300.00]
15.0m EL [+US$1460.00]
18.0m EL [+US$1580.00]
21.0m EL [+US$1650.00]

SETUP: Kite Only
Ready to Fly [+US$295.00]

Special: US$1060.00
Score: 1
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Product Details

This is Kestrel Extreme Light version. There is a 50% off discount for registered members, After registering and logging into a member account, the price will be automatically discounted by 50% when placing an order. 

Important Reminder:
Starting from April 1, 2024, Kestrel Extreme Light version will be sold on a pre-order basis. That is to say, Kestrel Extreme Light version will not be ready in stock, and its production will be entirely based on orders. At present, we guarantee that the time from order placing to shipping does not exceed 50 days. So, please note that we do not accept urgent orders for Kestrel Extreme Light version. Customers who are interested in purchasing Kestrel Extreme Light version should plan the time according to this ordering period to avoid unnecessary passivity.

Both the top and bottom of the Kestrel Extreme Light version, as well as the internal structure, are all made of lighter materials (30g/sqm), Only the Internal span-wise straps are made of special fabric with a tear resistance strength of over 80N, which ensures that the kite is sturdy enough while significantly reducing weight and improving flight performance in light wind, Needless to say, the Kestrel Extreme Light version is a performance monster!

This is the reference weight for the Kestrel Extreme light version:
12.0m EL:  2.65 kg
15.0m EL:  2.75 kg
18.0m EL:  2.85 kg
21.0m EL:  2.95 kg

Below are the colors available for Kestrel Extreme Light version (orange ):


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