Blaze II 5.0m

Blaze II 5.0m

Model No: 7180501
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 1.500 kg
Model: 5.0m
Color: black
Flat Surface Area: 5.0 sq m
Wingspan Size: 450cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.2
Sail Material: Ripstop Polyester
Cells: 20
Suits to: Recreational, Buggying, Landboarding, Snowkiting
Remark: For this kite we do not provide with the bar and lines, This price includes the door to door express delivery cost, and we guarantee that you do not need to pay any custom excise.
Special: US$169.00
Score: 1
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Product Details

PANSH Blaze II is a De-power kite.

PANSH Blaze II has the flame design on both sides of the kite. From now on you will not have to feel sorry that you, as the flyer, cannot see the great flame design.

PANSH Blaze II has a bran new bridles system. Its performance has innovatory improvements compared to Blaze I.

The performance of PANSH Blaze II is great. We sincerely recommend PANSH Blaze II to you. We believe you will be impressed with its great power and speed.

Before you buy PANSH Blaze II, you should know the information:

For Blaze II, we are going to sell kite only. We do not provide with the bar and lines.

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Blaze II 5.0m
Blaze II 5.0m

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