Blaze III 2019

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Blaze III 2019

Model No: 1603000
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 0.000 kg
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Kite: 10.0m [+US$295.00]
15.0m [+US$339.00]

Bar and Lines: Kite Only
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Product Details


Blaze III 2019 is a 5-line overall performance depower snow kite. It is a 26-cell kite with high aspect ratio. This is an excellent snow kite for professional and experienced flyers.
Blaze III is the most polyfunctional and safe performance kite. It comes with the additional unique internal safe release system and the entirely new unique magnetic blow-off valves. Blaze III is an excellent kite for people who like to explore the extreme sports.
The high aspect design, safety system, tidy internal sail, depower range and the direct handling push the performance of this snow kite to a higher level. 
The high aspect ratio, profile, internal safe system and high performance radian increase the speed and the gliding properties.
The optimized bridle design reduces the formation of the parasitic drag.
The internal safe system releases all the power when it is needed. It is secure and reliable.
Dual pulley turbo system used high quality pulleys.
The velcro dirt out design at the tips makes the kites clean. The sands, dust, water and snow come out easily.
Distinguished PANSH owned factory hand making technology keeps the kite very good quality and durable.
Blaze III is sold in 2 options- Ready to Fly package or Kite Only package. The Ready to Fly package includes 5-line control bar and 2x 270kg front lines +2x 270kg back lines+1x180kg safety line. The kite flies out of the bag.

* Blaze III 2020 is a 5-line depower kite with 26 cells. Blaze III comes with many innovative designs. It is a high performance snow kiting machine. It is designed for intermediate and expert riders with flying experience.

 * The 5th-line gives you a great sense of security. There is a special designed internal safe system. When it is needed, you can just let the kite go. It is fully protected the rider.


* The unique internal safe system releases all the power when it is needed. And it is very easy to re-launch.


 * The deflation zipper on back centre cell easily deflates the kite and packing the kite in a short time.

* Distinguished PANSH owned factory hand making technology. The whole kite is double-sewed which enhance its durability. The quality and durability maintain a leading position in kiting industry.

* With the upgraded air intakes Blaze III 2020 achieves greater efficiency in depower inflation. In this way, kite can be completely inflated no matter it is static or rapidly flying.

* The velcro dirt out design at the tips makes the kites clean. The sands, dust, water and snow come out easily..

* The UHMWPE bridles are colored sleeved top quality lines. The sleeved bridles are not stretchable. It is very reliable to fly on snow or ice. The sleeved bridle lines also make no tangles. It saves you lots of time to arrange the bridles before you fly or re-launch the kite.

* The parts on Blaze III are fine and high quality made. Every little detail is high standard. The double pulley system used special braid solid UHMWPE pulleys lines. The pulleys perform high performance with minimum stretching and maximum surface frictional force.

* Two packages are available. Users can choose the color and the package. The Ready to Fly package can just fly out of the bag. For the Kite Only package comes with a manual which direct you set up the kite easily.

Ready to Fly

Kite only

* Kite comes with an extra big sized draw string bag. The kite can be easily packed after flying.


Blaze III 2020 Ultralight version:
The Blaze III 2020 is also available in an ULTRALIGHT version. It is the same design with the Standard version but produced with high quality ultra light fabric and bridle material.

Blaze III 2020 ULTRALIGHT version made with the lightweight materials as the world famous Paraglider. The bridle lines come with the non-sleeved UHMWPE fibre line.  This kind of line is lighter and thinner when there is same pulling applied. With this bridles, Kite fly faster and turns tighter.

The advanced fabric, thinner and lighter bridle lines on Blaze III 2020 ULTRALIGHT version greatly improves the flying characteristics of the kite. It launches in lighter winds, turns quicker and stays in the air longer in gusty conditions.

The ULTRALIGHT version is about 30% lighter than the standard version, It is for the well experienced pilot who aim for high performance.

This is the Blaze III 2020 Ultralight version of the color:

Please note: Since this Blaze III 2020 Ultra Light  is sometimes out of stock, shipments will be delayed when there is no stock, but the delay will usually not exceed 20 days.


Disclaimers: We will always put the perfect product as primacy, So we will study and improve the product constantly, So some products will be different because of the different purchasing time.And the product will also be possibly different from the picture or publicizing. Pansh has the right to upgrade our owne products, Pansh has right to do this with informing anybody.

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Questions From Customer

Q:Date:3-25 06:48
Hello there. Can the Blaze III be used for hydrofoil kite surfing? (experienced rider) Does it have anything that not allows to use in water? What are the construction differences to the Aurora III ? I am interested in the BlazeIII 8m ultralight version. thanks
We do not recommend using it in water. thank you
Q:Date:9-29 09:31
Where do I need to go to be able to track my parcel with the code I received?

After the package is sent, we will send you the tracking number and website by email. If you don't receive it, please let us know by email. thank you