Kite Killers

Kite Killers

Model No: 2262221
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 0.100 kg
Features: These are the PANSH Kite Killers for power kite. Please read the following details before you make the order.
Special: US$25.00
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Product Details

NOTE: We only sell these PANSH Kite Killers when it attached with a kite order. It means that you can buy these kite killers only if you make an order of a kite at the same time. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions before you make the order.

These are the newly upgraded PANSH Kite Killers with high performance.

The wristbands are double padded for maximum comfort. The padding is well absorbent and soft. They are color coded: Left=Red, Right=Blue. You can put them on your wrists rapidly without any confusion.

PANSH Kite Killers are designed to be altered from an adult width to a child width with ease.

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