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Release of the new Hawk kites!

Hawk is the newest cell-closed depower foil kite released by PANSH, which has got 23 cells. The aspect ratio is 4.38 with a turbo adjustable mixer composed of 2 x 3 pulleys.

The PANSH Hawk  is a new, unique depower foil kite. Most brands are inspired by paragliding to develop their product. We decided a different approach for Hawk, taking tube kite(LEI kites) as model, their success is no longer to be proven. This one of a kind foil was designed to unite all the benefits of tube kite (LEIs), like accessibility, ease of use and stability, with all the advantages of foils, Taking the best of both worlds, the Hawk has been designed to definitely replace your tube kite quiver.

We are not afraid to announce that its depower principle is a revolution in the foil kite world, immediately bringing an insane high range, ensuring your safety, like tube kites, the power is intuitive and direct, even in middle of the wind window, if you push your bar, the kite will instantly lose its power without excessive speed gain, where the other foil kites will accelerate very hard and can potentially put you in a bad situation. when you used to sine the kite in a lull, with Hawk all you have to do is to pull more the bar to accelerate again, the kite backstall very little, this will facilitate your learning, its significant depower keeps an effective steering power allowing the high range to remain usable and comfortable, we do not dare to communicate the high wind speed of very strong winds (french Tramontana), in which the upper range of the kite has been validated, add to that a very intuitive bar feeling, and you always have control over your kite, not the contrary.









Date:2022-5-28 【Return】