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Great News about EU VAT!!!

We note that the rules and policies on VAT in EU will be changed on July 1, 2021. And the new rules will apply a high tax on BtoC orders. So we release this great news for our customers. Please find it below:

Currently we provide two shipping methods, EMS and FedEx. EMS is a postal service and we are not BtoC merchants to deliver goods. It does not fall within the scope of the EU VAT change this time. That is to say, it will not be affected by any changes in EU VAT rules after July 1. So PANSH users in EU do not have to worry about the new EU policies. For EU users, we suggest that you choose EMS for shipping.

It should be noted that EMS transportation is still the same as before. Occasionally it will be inspected by the Customs. According to our previous statistics, the probability that EMS mode of transportation will be spot checked and taxed by the Customs is only about 1%. Therefore, we still implement the previous policy: if you choose EMS transportation, we will refund 50% of the Customs tax in case your pracel is inspected and collected by the Customs(excluding VAT).

Once again, PANSH has never obtained any monetary benefits from Customs tax. When we tried every means to evade Customs tax for our users, we also lost the opportunity to obtain tax refunding from China for normal declaration of export. The method we used to evade tax for users led us to be unable to obtain export tax refund from China. What we have done is just to omit the cumbersome customs declaration of export and import, not for money. We just want to save time both for our users and PANSH, that's all.

In addition, as far as we know, according to commodity tax category of customs, this kind of kite toy belongs to duty-free ones if it is imported into the EU in normal importing trades. So, in the past years, we were puzzled and dissatisfied with the arbitrary collection of tax on international packages by Customs of some EU countries. And since it is not reasonable on this kind of situations, we have to respond in our own way. PANSH is a pure private enterprise, without any background. All our employees are the same as you, do not belong to any organization or have any background, and each of us lives on the basis of hard work. Many years ago we were tired of the trade barriers and trade wars of politicians, and we preferred to make our own lives by ourselves than hoping the improving of the policies. We clearly know that you just want to buy yourself a kite toy. There is no need to become a victim of politicians' interests. Our theme is happy living. We know that customs policies in each country are different and varied. If you have any worries on the importing tax before ordering, please feel free to email us. We will try out best to help you minimize the tax risk. It's our pleasure to do so for you.

Hope everyone enjoy flying PANSH!


Date:2021-6-30 【Return】