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Latest Policies and Provisions on Tax Refunds.

If you are taxed by the Customs, we will refund you the customs duty only, not including the VAT (or the import value-added tax) from Oct.8st, 2018.

PANSH are industrial products. With regards to customs duties, our classification code at Customs is 9503007900. In EU, normal imports are not subjected to customs duties. But occasionally,  personal goods will be charged for a small amount of custom fees. It depends on the mood of the customs officer. So it's a matter of luck, but according to our ten-year statistics, the probability of a customs duty being collected is only 1% to 3%.

Customs policies vary from country to country. And customs duties are a complex issue for Global Retailing. It is rare to be taxed by the Customs in most countries. The probability is only about 1% to 3%. Only about 1 to 3 per 100 users will encounter customs duties. That is to say,  the probability of encountering customs duties is only 1% to 3% for users from most countries when they buy from PANSH. It's REALLY lucky.

However, there are also several countries which are very likely to receive customs duties. These countries includes Lithuania, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. When we use DHL or FedEx express delivery in these five counties, almost all the packages will be subjected to customs duties. And their customs fees are very exaggerated! So for users in these five countries, we are sorry that we refuse to send the goods out unless they agree to pay customs duties by themselves. But since we switched to EMS recently,  we haven't got feedbacks from users in these five countries about customs duties! This information serves as a reference for users in these 5 countries.

According to our experience, customs fees are usually accompanied with VAT (or import VAT) at the same time in some counties. Usually VAT is between 17% and 21% of the commodity price. VAT varies from country to country. In some countries, they won't charge VAT.

Starting from Oct. 8st, 2018, if you encounter customs duties and VAT, we will only refund customs duties for you. PANSH will no longer bear any VAT or VAT-related fees.

PANSH kites are being sold at very low prices. Some of them are only tens of dollars. It is worthy to be noted that this price not only includes the price of  PANSH product but also the worldwide express mail service.
In order to break through the trade barriers between countries, and to make kites of the highest cost-effectiveness available to users all over the world, we have been insisting on giving refunds to customers who meet customs duties. We hope you can understand this new policy(Users need to pay VAT by themselves). Thank you for your understanding and support. If you encounter a VAT (the probability is only 1% to 3%) and you are unwilling to undertake it, please give up buying PANSH products.

Starting from October 8, 2018, we will only refund customs duties, not VAT (or import VAT) or charges related to any VAT. All the purchases will be treated as AGREEING this latest policy and clause on taxes and are willing to bear VAT (or import VAT) and any VAT-related costs.

The latest PANSH policy and clause on tax refund also applies to all PayPal transactions.  All PayPal payments after October 8, 2018 will be read as an agreement on this policy and provision.You can't apply for a PayPal refund on VAT issues.


Date:2018-10-6 【Return】