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Cerberus Racing Kite is now released!

  Cerberus is a fix bridle race kite. Pansh started to design the prototype in 2010. After nearly 7 years of testing and study, it is a perfect product now.

  Cerberus kite come with the top-quality light weight material. The weight of the material is 25% or even lighter than the normal material. The particular silicone coating and anti static finishing technology is applied on the fabric. The bridles are made of un-stretched UHMWPE material. It is completely waterproof. In additional, Cerberus kite has Pansh special design-two way inclined air intakes. With this special design the kite can be inflated very fast and at the same time it keeps a perfect shop. It has excellent aerodynamic performance. In order to keep the best performance, a simple patter design is used on the kite. All the designs on Cerberus kite are for a top performance.

  The most important thing is you can compete with the top racing kite in the world with Cerberus kite at a best price. Cerberus kite has the great value for money in racing kite market. Pansh aims to maximize the value for users as usual. And push the kite sport forward. Pansh would offer sponsorship to racers and race organizers when it is available. Please contact us if you have certain needs.

  Please do not forget to share your feelings and opinions after flying it.
  Any feedbacks will be more than welcomed. We can keep improving the kite. If you get the first 3 positions with Cerberus kite in big evens, Pansh will provide an award.

  Cerberus kite will bring you to the way of success!

Date:2017-5-25 【Return】