Content:Date:2011-11-08 04:09
hi i am thinking of buying the 2kites promotion but i just wondering the free gift Flux isit still on?
Reply:Date:2011-11-08 04:09
The free offer of Flux prototype is finish now. Thank you for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2011-10-20 15:18
hello there I am the happy owner of blaze 2 7m !!! Can anybody help me with some informations regarding video (internet/you tube) of land relaunch??? Any help is welcome! Kindest regards and best wishes for the company Sergio
Reply:Date:2011-10-20 15:18
Hi, thank you for your feedback. Please visit official forum. You will get help and meet lots of friends there. Thank you.
Content:Date:2011-10-11 03:57
Hello! Today has received a parcel, To Mosсow has reached for 2,5 weeks. box it is rumpled but all is whole. thank you very much! I have bought from you 2 kites and you have given one prototype in a gift, but by the carelessness I haven't noticed that slings only at one! Whether I can separately order them?
Reply:Date:2011-10-11 03:57
Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that at the moment, handles and flying lines are only orderable when there is a kite order attached. Thank you for your understanding.
Content:Date:2011-10-08 04:05
ordered 3 kites ... came to my door in Western Canada 8 days later ... exactly what was advertised ... free shipping, no extra charges from canada customs. Looks good out of the box, going flying tomorrow
Reply:Date:2011-10-08 04:05

It is good to hear you have the kites in hands. Ejoy your kites and fly safe. You are more than welcomed to give us some review of the kites. Thank you for your support of PANSH.

Content:Date:2011-09-18 11:16
When you buy the pansh ace 4.0m or the 4.5m kite is it ready to fly?
Reply:Date:2011-09-18 11:16

Yes. The kite comes with handles and flying lines. It can fly out of the bag. Thank you.

Content:Date:2011-09-05 08:40
Just received my kites in Singapore today. Thanks to Pansh for immediately reacting to my change in order, approved it and sending it out almost on the same day again. The kites are nicely sewn and packed. Thank you.
Reply:Date:2011-09-05 08:40

It is good to know you have had the kites in hands. Thank you. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!

Content:Date:2011-08-10 09:10
I was a ridden with scepticism, but they are true to their words: 1.) Kites arrived in 4 days here in the NL 2.) Top quality, beautifully sewn together, top materials, nice bridles.. neatly packaged. 3.) Can't wait to fly them... I am seriously acking to do so! Pansh, this is not the last time your heard of me, I will be your permanent customer, promised! Greetings from Eindhoven, Gereon
Reply:Date:2011-08-10 09:10
Thank you for your pleasant words. Enjoy your kites and fly safe! Thanks again for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2011-07-06 14:22
Today I received shipment of kite. Very satisfied in the shipment. Congratulations!!!!
Reply:Date:2011-07-06 14:22

It is good to know that now you have the kite in hands. Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy the kite. Please email to info(AT) if there is anthing we can help with. Thank you.

Content:Date:2011-06-20 09:11
Today I received shipment of kites. Thank you very much for your gift. Very satisfied in the shipment. Congratulations!!!!
Reply:Date:2011-06-20 09:11
Thank you for your feedback and your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites!
Content:Date:2011-06-16 08:37
Ordered a set of Ace 5.0 and Sprint 5.0 with the prototype action Flux 4.0 and 2.0 There was a little problem with a color of the sprint, but got a nice green sprint now:D Shipping to the Netherlands in just 4 days is amazing! Thanks Pansh!
Reply:Date:2011-06-16 08:37
Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your flying!

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