Content:Date:2013-03-09 13:31
Awesome Super Fast Shiping!! Love Your Kite's I intend on get a Blaze 8.5m From You guys Next :)
Reply:Date:2013-03-09 13:31
Thank you for your pleasand words and your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!
Content:Date:2013-03-06 16:02
Simply perfect: today I received two excellent kites by DHL Express Worldwide. Thank you very much.
Reply:Date:2013-03-06 16:02

Thank you for your support of Pansh. Enjoy your flying and fly safe!

Content:Date:2013-03-02 04:08
"Free Gift for the Year of Snake-- Pansh latest Depower Prototype" as a gift only a dome or slings with handles too?
Reply:Date:2013-03-02 04:08
The free depower prototype is a kite only without any accesories.
Content:Date:2013-02-17 11:41
Any idea why I am not able to add more than one item at a time to 'My Cart'. I am trying to acquire the 2 free kites with the purchase of two of equal or lesser value. Can I purchase the 5m&10m blaze II and the Aurora 8m and get the Adam 4.5m with a set of appropriate lines? Thanks, Eric c
Reply:Date:2013-02-17 11:41

I am sorry that the Buy 2 Get 2 Free promotion is finished. We now offer a free depower 3.5 prototype if your order reaches USD200. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-02-01 15:51
Hello! I want to buy Aurora 15.0m+ Adam 3.5m + Flying Lines 2x270kg - 2x270kg - 30m/98ft Special: US $ 69.00 and get free ACE 9.0m and Aurora 10.0m ?
Reply:Date:2013-02-01 15:51

No problem. It is qualified for the Buy 2 Get 2 Free. You can place the order and leave the model no. of the ACE 9m and Aurora 10m you would like for free at the REMARK section. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-01-24 01:44
I'm so impressed with PANSH! I just received my kites. It took exactly 5 days to get to South Africa without any import duties!! I'm very happy with the service I got from PANSH and I will support you guys for the rest of my kiting career!
Reply:Date:2013-01-24 01:44
Thank you very much for your plesand words. It is nice to know you are satisfied with our servicies. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!
Content:Date:2013-01-21 23:50
Hello I want to buy PANSH Aurora 10.0m for $ 399 and PANSH Adam 4.5m for $ 169 as I can get free gifts PANSH Aurora 8.0m and PANSH Adam 3.5m?
Reply:Date:2013-01-21 23:50

Yes, tyou can get the Aurora 8 and Adam 3.5 for free. Please leave the name of the kite or the kite modle No. at the Remark section when you place the order. We will ship all 4 kites out at same time. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-01-18 12:04
Got my package today, from China to delivery in Sweden in just 5 days. I'm impressed :)
Reply:Date:2013-01-18 12:04
Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe.
Content:Date:2013-01-17 02:04
Hi! I would like to ask how long the promo action "Christmas Aurora 22m Package" is valid? I can use this action now ?
Reply:Date:2013-01-17 02:04

The Christmas Aurora 22m Package is still on. You still can use it. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-01-14 04:40
Order No. : 20130114040001 2013 Promotion! Buy 2 Get 2 Free! - how to get a gift for this order?
Reply:Date:2013-01-14 04:40

We are sorry that PackageDeal is not available for the Buy 2 Get 2 Free Promotion. Thank you.

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