Content:Date:2013-05-17 14:27
Hi there, is the buy one get one free promotion still on?
Reply:Date:2013-05-17 14:27

The Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion is still on. Thank you for your support of PANSH.

Content:Date:2013-05-13 12:59
All is good. :)
Reply:Date:2013-05-13 12:59
It is nice to know you have received your kites. Thank you for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2013-05-11 01:28
Hi! I paid the kite, help when I can get it? Track number you give?
Reply:Date:2013-05-11 01:28
Please find out the shipping information at your Pansh account or email info(AT) for the details. Thank you.
Content:Date:2013-04-24 00:10
Dear Pansh team, i want to buy a 22qm Aurra and a 15qm to your actual special offer buye two pay one. but in paypal there is now the price for two? do you get my Order? and how I can pay now??? I want to buy your kites....! how to handle? thanks for a feedback Frank
Reply:Date:2013-04-24 00:10
Please just order the kite you would like to buy and leave the name or the model number of the free kite at the REMARK section of the order. We will ship them out all together. Thank you.
Content:Date:2013-04-23 19:58
Hello, I want to buy Aurora 10m (cost 399$) can i get for free Ace 9.0m & Blaze II 7.0m Package (cost 389$)?
Reply:Date:2013-04-23 19:58
The package deal is not available for this promotion. Thank you.
Content:Date:2013-04-22 03:59
I would like to know how to participate on the new promotion I would like to by a 19qm and get a 15 qm for free. dose that still work ? If I order this it shows 1015€ to pay not 576€ for the 19qm. so how can i do it.
Reply:Date:2013-04-22 03:59
Thank you for your message. Please order Aurora 19m only and leave a note at the REMARK section for the free Aurora 15m. We will send over both kites.
Content:Date:2013-04-17 06:59
Hello, Is the Pansh latest Depower Prototype promotion still available with the purchse over 200USD? Thanks.
Reply:Date:2013-04-17 06:59

Yes, the free 3.5m depower protype offer is still on. We will ship it with your ordered item automaticly. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-04-15 10:08
Reply:Date:2013-04-15 10:08
Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your flying.
Content:Date:2013-03-29 06:34
hi is the Sprint 7.40m & 5m Promotion Package still availiable thank you
Reply:Date:2013-03-29 06:34

Yes, it is. The Sprint 7.4 &5 promotion package is still available now. The order will be shipped out within 24 hours after your order and payment are made. Thank you for your support of PANSH. Please email info(AT) if you have more questions.

Content:Date:2013-03-11 17:02
My order of two kites and a free gift arrived today (2013-03-11). Very well packaged and in reasonable amount of time. I was very impressed with the Pansh customer service in answering my questions and making an adjustment to my order before shipping. I intend to fly the smallest of the three kites this weekend and will review all of them in the Pansh forum in the coming weeks
Reply:Date:2013-03-11 17:02
Thank you for your support of PANSH. It is nice to know you are happy with our services. We look forward to read your reviews. Thank you again.

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