Content:Date:2013-10-01 06:24
Very promt delivery to Romania. I also received a the free kite I ordered, from the promotion. The only problem was that they forgot to includ a set o flying lines and handles for the kites, other than that everything was in order.
Reply:Date:2013-10-02 22:04

The free kite is a kite only without any lines and hanldes come with. Thank you for your support of PANSH. Maybe you can order the lines set and handles in your nest order at a discounted price. Thank you again.

Content:Date:2013-09-30 10:43
i am interested in buying 2 kites from you. is the buy one get one free offer still available?
Reply:Date:2013-10-02 22:02
yes, the buy 1 get 1 free promotion is still on. Thank you.
Content:Date:2013-09-17 11:34
Very pleased of my shopping experience with Very good quality! The fastest shipping (i've never got my previous parcels from other sellers so fast)! Special thanks to sales managers! Good people, rapid answers! Doing all the best to solve any questions! Thank you one more time!
Reply:Date:2013-09-17 22:43

It is nice to hear the pleasand words from you. We are trying to make everybody happy of our products and services. Thank you for your sopport of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!

Content:Date:2013-09-06 06:27
Hello Two kites with the control handles and the flying lines?? Have one, and the second no? Thanks for your reply and sorry for the poor quality of language. Sprint 5.0m & Ace 5.0m
Reply:Date:2013-09-11 23:02

Sprint 5m and Ace 5m pacakge only have one set of control handles and flying lines. If you need two, you can buy them as well. We offer them at a very low price if you have kite order at the same time. Please email info(AT) for more details. Thank you.

Content:Date:2013-09-02 14:10
thank you to the team pansh I ordered a custom color aurora 19m and 12m free and received on time and a very nice quality product and conforms to my order we just have to enjoy good luck has pansh
Reply:Date:2013-09-02 23:15
Thank you very much for purchasing at Pansh. We are happy tht you like our products and our services. Thank you again for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe.
Content:Date:2013-08-29 18:53
Hi, I am interested in the Aurora, can you please tell me if this is available as ready to fly? As in the description you have a ready to fly package listed with bar/lines and back pack - but I cant see how to order this? Thanks
Reply:Date:2013-08-29 20:17
I am sorry that the R2F package is not on sale yet. Now only the Aurora kite is available. Thank you.
Content:Date:2013-08-28 10:12
I ordered 2 more kites on Friday 23rd August 2013 and the kites were delivered today lunch time. This is amazing considering it was a bank holiday here in the U.K. on Monday and the kites still got here in 5 days. The kites I received were Legend 2.0 & Flux 1.4 and they are in a great condition and very well made indeed. Once again thank you Pansh. I will keep on recommending to all my friends.
Reply:Date:2013-08-29 20:18
It is nice to hear your pleasand words. Thank you very much for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2013-08-23 14:55
I ordered 2 Pansh Aurora about 3 weeks ago ("buy one get one free" and the "free custom color promotion").One Aurora in Custom Color (19m) and one free (standard color 12m). Today, the kites have arrived.Both of them are impregnated.Thats great.The shipping around the world took 5 days. The Pansh-Service was great. All E-mails were answered quickly. I can only report positive. The kites are great. All the best. Greetings from Germany.
Reply:Date:2013-08-23 20:31

Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!

Content:Date:2013-08-20 12:27
I ordered 2 kites a couple weeks back and they were delivered 6 days later. Very fast delivery indeed considering they had to come all the way from China to the U.K. The items were in perfect condition and the kites flew lovely in very low wind but still to be tested in higher wind when I get a chance. I must say I am very happy with Pansh both products and customer service. I emailed them to enquire about my order and I got a reply within one hour. Now that's what you call a good customer service. I will recommend Pansh kites to all my friends.
Reply:Date:2013-08-20 20:54
Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy your kites and fly safe!
Content:Date:2013-08-18 08:15
Hi, I would like to buy an Aurora 12m and have for free the Aurora 8m (1 buy 1 gift promotion). Can I also choose a custom color for the 12m or is it not possible with the 1 buy 1 gift promotion? Thank you for your answer.
Reply:Date:2013-08-19 20:01

Yes, you can still choose the custom colored 12m but not the 8m one. Also it will take some time to make the 12m custom colored Aurora. Thank you.

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