Content:Date:2010-11-27 02:40
Hello. I would like to buy a kite. Shipping is free in Russia? And if you can send parcel on EMS? (Express Mail Service (EMS))
Reply:Date:2010-11-27 02:40

Yes, the shipping is free to Russia, and we can use EMS for your parcel. Please leave a note at your order. Thank you.

Content:Date:2010-11-25 06:46
Received the kites today including the free Christmas offer! Excellent thanks! Only complaint would be having to pay the customs charge on delivery which I was not expecting. Otherwise, super fast delivery thank you!
Reply:Date:2010-11-25 06:46
Please contact info(AT) We will refund you the Costoms duty. Thank you for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2010-11-25 03:05
Thank you for speedy delivery and for Christmas gift :-) It takes only 6 days from China to Poland.Thanks
Reply:Date:2010-11-25 03:05

Thank you for your support of PANSH.

Content:Date:2010-11-16 13:13
Dear Pansh! The kites are arrived today! Thank you! After the testing the proto (Flux) i would like share the review :) -- c
Reply:Date:2010-11-16 13:13
Thank you. Enjoy your flying and we are looking forward to your review.
Content:Date:2010-11-16 08:10
Hi, I must vouch for Pansh for their great service. I placed an order, and received my package halfway across the world in 7 days. I haven't had a chance to test the kite as yet, but I'm very satisfied thus far! Highly recommended !
Reply:Date:2010-11-16 08:10
Thank you for your support of PANSH. Enjoy the kites and fly safe!
Content:Date:2010-11-09 15:20
Hats off to Pansh for rapid delivery of quality products that are right alongside expensive branded kites. You would be a fool not to take advantage of there excellent value for money offers. There customer service is also first class and I am now a true Pansh convert. Thanks for a superb product. Jack Harmer
Reply:Date:2010-11-09 15:20

Thank you very much for your pleasant words and your support of PANSH. Enjoy your flying!

Content:Date:2010-11-04 17:16
Thanks for super service..the kites great, already tried..I`am happy buying from Pansh!!!
Reply:Date:2010-11-04 17:16
Thank you. It is happy to hear that you do enjoy your shopping and your kite. Fly safe!
Content:Date:2010-11-03 00:38
Can you order from Australia? I seem to be having trouble with paypal????
Reply:Date:2010-11-03 00:38
Yes, you can. We offer worldwide delivery. Please check your internet browser before you make the payment. Our web was designed to work with IE only. Thank you.
Content:Date:2010-10-06 15:43
Hi - yesterday i was get package. Everything is ok - thank you for good cooperation. Today i waw flying by sprint5 and first5 - was be super i was looking inpresive difrence betwen sprint and first - good job. Im waiting for smaller wind for sprint7.4
Reply:Date:2010-10-06 15:43
Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy your flying! :)
Content:Date:2010-09-29 07:55
i just wanted to say thankyou for an excellent service, i recently ordered a 3mtr blaze from your ebay shop and am happy to say it arrived promptly. i look forward to ordering from you again in the future.
Reply:Date:2010-09-29 07:55
Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you like our products and services. Enjoy you kite and fly safe!

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