Content:Date:2011-01-13 15:17
To Rose and all at Pansh, Thanks so much for working with me on the recent 2 orders of kites. They all arrived in time for the holidays and are seeing use snow kiting. The 2.5M kites are serving well for training, the 5.0M Legends are a perfect first kite for many of our new riders, and the free FIRST kites are flying well on a crossover bars and provide a great shape for pure pull. I appreciate the service and excellent products you're providing. Ed
Reply:Date:2011-01-13 15:17
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you like the kites. Enjoy them and fly safe! Thanks again for your support of PANSH.
Content:Date:2010-12-30 01:36
There are no words good enough to describe the service and quality that Pansh are delivering. I recieved the Legends, and Flux 2 & 4 in Australia in 6 days over Christmas!!! The Flux 4 is awesome. Amazing power and handling for its size (outpulls the Legend 4.5 IMO and outhandles similar kites) Solid build from brilliant materials. The Legend is just what you need to hand to a learner, simple and effective with room to grow with it. Thanks heaps Pansh, you will hear from me again :-)
Reply:Date:2010-12-30 01:36
Thank you for your pleasant words. Enjoy your kites and fly safe! Wish you have a nice holiday there.
Content:Date:2010-12-29 18:42
Thanks Pansh! Very fast delivery. Good quality.
Reply:Date:2010-12-29 18:42
Thank you. Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!
Content:Date:2010-12-26 11:39
Thank you Pansh !! Only 6 days from China to France. I received my BLAZE II 5m² and my free Christmass offer (2m² proto Flux). For now i've just try the BLAZE II and it seems to be good, may i will have to tweak a little, but for now it fly good.
Reply:Date:2010-12-26 11:39
Thank you for your feedback. Pansh wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Content:Date:2010-12-14 11:45
Recieved the Flux P5V 2.0 and it's a beauty! Pretty fast steering(for a beginner kite) good response on the brakelines, realy stabile and good upwind performance(used for snowkiting). Nice dirtouts and handy velcrostrips. Can't wait to fly it with my buggy and landboard in big winds. The kitekillers are comfortable, but a little less stretch would be great. It's a very good thing from Pansh to think about safety. I'm very happy with the Flux 4.0&P5V 2.0. Thank you Pansh and greetings from the Netherlands.
Reply:Date:2010-12-14 11:45
Thank you for your feedback. Pansh wishs you a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year!
Content:Date:2010-12-09 18:03
I just recieved the Flux 2m in the Christmas Gift promotion. What a nice surprise! I just love these kites. Thank you guys, keep on going!
Reply:Date:2010-12-09 18:03
Thank you for your pleasand words. Pansh wishes you a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!
Content:Date:2010-12-01 04:22
What a fast delivery !! I didn't believe my eyes when the postman arrived on Monday. I just ordered on Thusday. And I've got the free gift also. If the weather is better, I gonna thy them both. Best regards from Belgium Europe
Reply:Date:2010-12-01 04:22
Thank you for your pleasand words. Enjoy your fly and fly safe! Pansh wishes you and your family a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!
Content:Date:2010-11-30 09:24
Excellent service, fast shipping, generous gifts. Thanks for the kites!!!
Reply:Date:2010-11-30 09:24
Thank you for your support of PANSH! Cheers.
Content:Date:2010-11-29 09:00
Order 2 kite in PANSH. Got 2 kites and gifts for Christmas: handle the kite-killer and kite Blue FLUX P5V 2m. Very nice gift - a small kite. It flies well. Thank PANSH for gifts. You are the best. Merry Christmas
Reply:Date:2010-11-29 09:00
Thank you for your feedback and your support of PANSH. Enjoy your flying!
Content:Date:2010-11-27 16:20
"PANSH users are divided into five groups based on the number of credits they receive when they purchase at Basic Membership: Registered users with 0 credits. Bronze Membership: Users with 2 to 5 credits. Silver Membership: Users with 6 to 11 credits. Gold Membership: Users with 12 to 19 credits. Platinum Membership: Users with more than 20 credits. The more credits, the bigger the discount. When members login, the prices will be automatically discounted based on the type of membership the user has." Hello how to register a member Pansh? already have 3 credits Thank you
Reply:Date:2010-11-27 16:20
Hi you are a registered user already. Please login when you make your order. When you login you get discount prices automaticly. Thank you.

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