About Us:

We are Pansh Kite Inc., a Chinese private enterprise with twenty years of history and experience. PANSH is the Registered Trademark.

Our website is an online selling Internet site created in 2006. Through this website we sell PANSH kites all over the world. You can purchase PANSH kites and accessories from our website no matter which country you are in.

The design, production, and sale of PANSH kites as well as services provided for our customers and clients are all done independently by us. We do not only provide you with high quality kite products, but also maintain our manufacturing cost at the lowest level in the world. That means that on for the same amount of money you can get better performance and higher quality kites and accessories than anywhere else. Our customers can choose from a number of payment methods, and our products are always available and in stock. We can ensure that the products will be sent out within 24 hours after the payment was made. In addition, we use the fastest delivery system in the world. It takes no more than seven days from the day the payment was made for our products to reach our clients, and only four to six days for our European clients. Furthermore, the express delivery fee is paid entirely by our company, no matter which country you come from. We can also ensure that you will not pay any Customs duty fees, and that there will not be any extra charges. The total amount to be paid will be the one displayed on the website - no extra charges. If you are dissatisfied with our products when they are delivered or disappointed with our services, we can accept your request for a return and refund of your purchase within 15 days from the delivery. This service of PANSH is fast and reliable.

PANSH products have a new revolutionary design, constantly perfected by us, and a new, innovatory mode of production. This has not only improved the performance and quality of the products, but also had a positive effect on the manufacturing cost. Because of the revolutionary design, innovatory mode of production, new ways of selling, and improvements in customer service, we reduced the price to an astonishing value. We are trying to perfect ideas already existing in this field. PANSH kites and accessories can compete with other brand products whose prices are up to three times higher. With time, there will be more advantages regarding PANSH products and services. This is the world that we have created for you.

People from the founder of the company to every staff member of PANSH all love this burgeoning sport. We all have common interest in kites, so we know our clients’ needs fairly well. We also possess authentic designs and a copyright. In addition, we have the best assembly line and creativity output as well as 20 years of experience in production.

We want to assure you that we provide our clients with excellent products. Moreover, we set up and maintain the most competent and fastest service system from the design of the products to the after market services. From all of the above you can see that if you do love this sport, PANSH is one of your best choices. Do not hesitate any more. We are expecting and welcoming you to join PANSH! If you enjoy the sport, you will enjoy the value of PANSH.