Blaze 5.0m

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Blaze 5.0m

Model No: 1180502
Brand: Pansh
Unit: pcs
Weight: 1.800 kg
Model: 5.0m
Color: blue
Flat Surface Area: 5.0 sq m
Wingspan Size: 450cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.2
Sail Material: Ripstop Polyester
Cells: 20
Flying Sets: 2 x 130kg / 2 x 180kg
Flying Line Length: 25m recommend
Flying Line Material: Dyneema
Skill Level: Int/Exp
Suits to: Recreational, Buggying, Landboarding, Snowkiting
Remark: PANSH Blaze kite only. Free Express delivery in the world!
Special: US$199.00
Score: 1
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Product Details

The Pansh Blaze is an ultra professional kite. The Pansh Blaze is designed for experienced to expert flyers looking for a high aspect, high performance powerful kite. Its image is all sewn.

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Questions From Customer

Q:Date:8-24 14:05
hi, in description i see "PANSH Blaze kite only." What does it mean ? Kite with lines without handles ?
The Blaze are on 50% off now. It is kite only without flying lines and handles. We sell line set and handles at very cheap discounted prices. They only sold with kite order attached. The prices are very reasonable. Thank you.
Q:Date:3-17 18:53
can you tell me the breaking strain of the green sleeved line and the red sleeved line and which colour is is for the brakes and which is the main line thankyou
There are two thicker lines which should be connected as the main lines. The thinner lines are the brake lines. Thank you.
Q:Date:1-4 14:18
Hello 1. I'm from Sloveni (Europe) and i'm interrested in buying 5m blaze for 119$. Now I'm courious if this is all the cost I'm going to pay for it (no shipping costs) ? 2. I noticed that flying lines are not prestreched and that this is a problem so I read(how can I solve it if I buy blaze 5m) ? 3. I noticed that blaze2 5m is sent without flying lines and handels (can I buy lines and handels in your shop and how much are they) Best Regards Gregor
All the flying lines on the Pansh kites had been prestretched since Since 25th May 2006 all the flying strings are factory pre-stretched. This means that you can fly PANSH kites immediately with absolute precision control. All you need to pay is the amount of the money on the website. We provide free express dilivery anywhere around the world. For  Blaze, we provide flying lines and handles. They are included in the package.  For Blaze II, we sell  kite only. We do not provide with the bar for the moment, but it includes a free set of lines and handles inside the package.
Q:Date:3-22 23:45
What was the wind speed during that video clip?
The wind speed during that video clip wasn't high. It was about 6 knots.