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Model No: 1701181
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 0.000 kg
Features: This kite is on a great promotion! The kite come with 46 cells, super high aspect ratio. Aeolus kite is the best value ever!
Model: 7m [+US$349.00]
9m [+US$399.00]
11m [+US$449.00]
13m [+US$499.00]
15m [+US$579.00]
18m [+US$659.00]
21m [+US$739.00]

Bar and Lines: Kite Only
Ready to Fly [+US$199.00]

Colors: Standard Colors
Custom [+US$129.00]

Versions: Ultralight [+US$169.00]

Special: US$349.00
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Product Details

  PANSH Aeolus kite used the most advanced foil kite design concept. We have integrated decades of experience in the development of kites, and we combined our experience and knowledge in the field of power kites. We made this closed cell depower kite with forward- performance and perfect design.

  PANSH Aeolus kite used super light design. The high aspect ratio is more than 7.0. It comes with 46 cells. This entire make the surface of the kite more smooth, the shape of the kite more ideal, fly with smaller drag and faster speed. All of these advanced designs create this superior performance Aeolus kite with perfect flying capability and optimized flying nature. PANSH factory has more than 30 years producing experience. The Aeolus kite is the perfect combination of the hand-making technology, superb performance and high quality.

 The Aeolus is also available in an ULTRALIGHT version. It is the same design with the Standard version but produced with high quality ultra light fabric and bridle material. The ULTRALIGHT version is about 25% lighter than the standard version.

"..This video is done in light winds. The winds are about 4mph, about 15-20cm of snow.
When the wind is 10 - 15mph. "

"First flight for my PANSH Aeolus 11m foilkite. Low wind of 2-3m/s as can be seen in the slow start, but notice how it really speeds up :-)  Location is: Storwartz, Norway, Easter 2017. Kiter O.K"


  You can also see the well made internal blow-off valves, dirt-outs and drainage system on PANSH Aeolus kite. PANSH designed unique magnetic blow-off valves. The unique magnetic blow-off valves are very sensitive to the hit. They well protected the kite when the kite hit the ground upside down. The Velcro dirt-outs and drainage system are designed at the trailing edge of the middle cells and tip cells. The dirt-outs and drainage system channel cross the whole trailing edge. All the cells are interlinked. The kite no longer keeps any sands or water inside. It easily comes out of the kite from the dirt-outs and drainage system. The Velcro on the middle cell set 3 functions in one – dirt-out, water-out and blow-off valve. In another words, there are double blow-off valve design on the kite. The deflation zipper on back centre cell helps you to deflate the kite fast and easily pack the kite after fly.


  The internal optimal strapping was accurately calculated. The strapping ensures that the load can be balanced and effectively distributed in various parts of the kite in the sky. At the same time, the internal balance help flyer to control this high aspect ratio kites.

  Aeolus is made of highest quality light weight material. The canopy made of high strength rip stop nylon fabric. This makes the kite a longer service life and higher performance. The particular double-side silicone coating technology is applied on the fabric. It has the waterproof and anti static finishing. No matter where you fly, dust and water on the kite will fly away easily. The anti static would protect your personal safety.

  Aeolus comes with high performance UHMWPE bridles. We minimum the stretch itself and achieve the best performance of the kite. 

  The parts on PANSH Aeolus kite are fine and high quality made, The double pulley system used special braid solid UHMWPE pulleys lines. The line is waterproofed. The pulleys perform high performance and provide accurate power to the kite.

  The air intakes are special unique design of PANSH. It has efficient PANSH Dual-way Alternate Inflation System (DAIS).

  The outstanding hand making PANSH factory technology are everywhere on the kite. The whole kite is double-sewed which enhance its durability. The extra and extended sewing of the stress points improved the performance of the kite and extend the operation life of the kite.


  The 5th line-safety line fully provide with security. You would be confident to fly the kite.

  There are few options: kite only, ready to fly package and custom color services. Ready to Fly package comes with 5-line bar, 25m flying line set and Safety-Leash. The Ready to Fly package would be really easy. It will fly out of the bag. The Kite Only package would come with a simple manual to help you to set up the kite very fast. 


  We ship the orders from Pansh factory so orders are made directly to the factory so for the most of the countries it only takes about 7 days to receive the order, Custom color services would only take about 20 days for the shipping. We believe this is the fastest service.

  The feature of PANSH Aeolus, rapid speed, strong power but very good stability. Overtime lifting and huge power of levitation can easily take off and jump. No matter fly it on water, land or snow, no matter fly it with Foil skateboard or Course skateboard, you can easy control it. Pansh Aeolus is a high performance kite with very high aspect ratio therefore it does need some skill to fly it. This kite is good for advanced flyers or experienced flyer that has the experience fly foil kite. 

Please aware before you make the orders:

* Usually the successfully orders are shipped within 24 hours. Users can get the shipping information and track the parcel online. It arrives at your doorstep within 5 to 7 days. We would inform you at the first time if the size you ordered is out of stock. And keep you informed for the process. The shipping period would be about 20 days for the Custom color service.

* Ready to Fly package comes with 5-line bar, 25m flying line set and Safety-Leash. The Ready to Fly package includes bar and flying line set and they are all set up. It is flying out of bag.

* Only Kite package has a kite and bag only without bar and line, but there will be a 5-line instruction shows how to easily connect the kites.

* Extra big straw string bag comes with any package. It makes the packing very easy after flying.

* Free shipping worldwide. The price includes the door to door express delivery, No matter where you are, the price is the total amount of money you need to pay. No extra payment.

* Safe payment system. All the payments made at your bank website or PayPal website.

* PANSH offers best services and quality guarantee, We offer 100% satisfied services. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return it back and get the full refund.

* PANSH reserves the right to improve the manufacturing process and optimize the details of the product.

If you need the custom color service, you only need to leave the color you would like to have at the REMARK section of your order. For example, 1—G, 2—A…


Aeolus Ultralight version:
The Aeolus is also available in an ULTRALIGHT version. It is the same design with the Standard version but produced with high quality ultra light fabric and bridle material.

Aeolus ULTRALIGHT version made with the lightweight materials as the world famous Paraglider. The bridle lines come with the non-sleeved UHMWPE fibre line.  This kind of line is lighter and thinner when there is same pulling applied. With this bridles, Kite fly faster and turns tighter.

The advanced fabric, thinner and lighter bridle lines on Aeolus ULTRALIGHT version greatly improves the flying characteristics of the kite. It launches in lighter winds, turns quicker and stays in the air longer in gusty conditions.

The ULTRALIGHT version is about 25% lighter than the standard version,  ULTRALIGHT version is less resistant to harsh abuse compare with the standard version. It is for the well experienced pilot who aim for high performance. The Aeolus ULTRALIGHT version is made on request, The kite will be ready in 20 days time.



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