2x200kg - 2x130kg - 25m/80ft

2x200kg - 2x130kg - 25m/80ft

Model No: 20013025
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 0.140 kg
Features: Discounted price for orders attached with kite only. This is Pansh power kite flying line set.
Length: 25m (80ft)
Power Lines: 2x200kg (440lb) - 25m/80ft
Brake Lines: 2x130kg (286lb) - 25m/80ft
Material: UHMWPE
Special: US$33.00
Score: 0
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Product Details

NOTE: This is discounted price for orders attached with kite only. We only sell this flying line set when it attached with a kite order. It means that you can buy these lines at the above price only if you make an order of a kite at the same time. The price does not include shipping. If you are looking for flying lines without a kite, please find the independent item you want at:

Usually the qualified order is shipped within 24 hours by Express Delivery. It takes about 6 days for the order to arrive.

This is a PANSH newly upgraded quad flying line set. All four lines are pre-sleeved and pre-stretched. They can be used right out of bag.

Four lines are divided  into two groups. They are wrapped in a figure of 8. When you unwind them they will not be a mess.



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