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the BEST Membership Discount Offer Ever

PANSH brand new factory has started to run. The production capacity expands by 300%. Thanks to the love and support of users, from now on, PANSH performs more substantial new membership discount policy.

According to the member credit, PANSH members are divided into 5 levels. The Membership credits, levels and discount rate are as follows:

                     0 credit    Basic Membership           0% off
                     1 credit    Bronze Membership       10% off
                     3 credit    Silver Membership         15% off
                     5 credit    Gold Membership           20% off
                   12 credit    Platinum Membership   30% off

It is free to be a registered user. It takes only 1 minute to be a registered use. The discount rate varies depends on the status of the membership. The maximum discount is 30% off.
When you login, the prices of the most products will automatically change depends on the membership but some of the prices only appear discount when you click BUY.

Please NOTE the membership discount does not work together with promotions. The promotion prices are their actual prices.

As time goes on, PANSH member credits keep increasing. If you love to fly, come and join PANSH become a registered member!

Date:2015-7-2 【Return】