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ACE II Officially Released now.

In the past 10 years, PANSH ACE has been verified as a very good power kite by worldwide flyers. Now ACE II is officially released.

PANSH has upgraded ACE kite to ACE II. ACE II comes with more accurate designing. It has new high efficient air intakes, latest bridle material and upgraded fantastic pattern.
ACE II is a perfect kite with high performance. No matter you are a professional flyer or just fly for fun it will give you a marvelous experience.

We would like to thank Mr. Ian Pearse from the UK for his fabulous design. Also thanks to all the supporters of PANSH and ACE kite for the past 10 years.

ACE II is a 24 cells kite. It comes in 4m², 5m², 6m², 7m², 8m², 10m² and 12m² total 7 sizes.

Color Options: Red, Black and Custom Color.

Custom Color: You can combine the color and the pattern of the ACE II. It includes the red color, black color, black Spades and red Diamonds. Custom Color is for both sides of the kite.


Date:2015-4-19 【Return】